National Air Cargo Group Joins NACA

The National Air Carrier Association is pleased to announce that National Air Cargo Group (“National”), has joined as NACA’s 21st airline member.

“NACA is delighted to welcome National as a full member,” said NACA President and CEO George Novak. “With National onboard, we now provide an even stronger voice in Washington, D.C., for the nation’s charter service – both passenger and cargo – airlines, particularly among companies that serve U.S. national security interests as part of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet. NACA represents more air carriers than any other U.S. trade association – our continued growth demonstrates the strength of our advocacy on behalf of our members.”

“The National Air Carrier Association provides incredible value to their airline members through direct discussions of policies and regulations with Members of Congress, and DOD, DOT, FAA, and TSA staff,” said National Air Cargo group Chairman Christopher J. Alf.  “We look forward to working with NACA to address many issues facing the chartered passenger and cargo segment of the transportation industry.”

One of the major reasons NACA was founded was to provide a conduit for communications between DOD and the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF). NACA’s CRAF carriers provide cargo and passenger services for military and humanitarian missions including combat deployments, emergency medical relief supplies and airlifting evacuees. CRAF carriers significantly enhance U.S. military readiness and soft power projection in service to our national security.

About NACA
Founded in 1962, NACA is the leading voice for airlines that provide affordable transportation of passengers and cargo, with its 21 U.S. airlines serving six continents. NACA members fill a unique niche in the air carrier industry, providing scheduled and non-scheduled passenger and cargo services to meet the ever-changing demands of the traveling public, businesses, and the U.S. military. For more information, please visit

About National Air Cargo Group
National Air Cargo Group is focused on offering niche solutions for its corporate, government, defense and humanitarian aid customers. The two main business divisions of the group, National Air Cargo and National Airlines, complement each other in projects where the group offers the capability of an integrator. Notably, National’s aircraft airlifted PPE kits, protective masks, oxygen cylinder and other medical supplies to U.S, Europe, Africa and Asia during the COVID-19 outbreak. Recently, the passenger fleet was instrumental in airlifting evacuees to Washington, after the Afghanistan drawdown. For more information, please visit

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