NACA urges Senate to Confirm Phil Washington as FAA Administrator

In response to Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation hearings to consider the nomination of Phil Washington to be the next Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, National Air Carrier Association President and CEO George Novak issued the following statement:

“NACA strongly urges the Senate to move quickly to confirm Phil Washington as the next Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Given the wide variety of significant policy challenges facing the FAA, including 5G deployment, the scarcity of commercial airline pilots, ongoing modernization of the nation’s air traffic control system, and implementation of the upcoming FAA reauthorization legislation, it is critical that a permanent FAA Administrator is confirmed as quickly as possible.

Mr. Washington has decades of experience leading large, complex transportation organizations and successfully managing a wide-range of multi-million-dollar airport infrastructure and other transportation projects. His pragmatic and innovative approach to managing major transportation programs will be invaluable.

We therefore believe Mr. Washington is well-positioned to lead the agency and ensure that the United States continues to have the safest, most efficient air transportation system in the world, and we urge the Senate to confirm him expeditiously.”

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