NACA supports “Let Experienced Pilots Fly Act”

In response to the introduction of the “Let Experienced Pilots Fly Act” on July 25, 2022, National Air Carrier Association President and CEO George Novak issued the following statement:

We commend Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Congressman Chip Roy (R-Texas) for introducing the “Let Experienced Pilots Fly Act,” increasing the FAA’s mandatory retirement age for commercial pilots from 65 years-old to 67 without compromising aviation safety. This timely legislation will help mitigate the well-documented shortage of commercial airline pilots in the United States in the near-term.

Without robust legislative and regulatory action, airlines will continue to reduce service to less profitable smaller and rural communities at a time when demand for domestic air travel is exceeding pre-pandemic levels.  Reduced supply and high demand will increase airfares and reduce service options across the country, undermining both the U.S. airline industry’s nascent recovery and the overall economy.

We urge Members of Congress to cosponsor the Graham/Roy bill and work collaboratively with all aviation stakeholders to implement policies to reduce the pilot shortage in the long-term.

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