NACA supports Administration’s TSA Proposals on Pay, Security Fees

The National Air Carrier Association issued the following statement March 29, in support of Biden Administration proposals to raise pay and benefits for frontline Transportation Security Administration workers and to eliminate the practice of setting aside a portion of the revenues collected through the “September 11 fee” for deficit reduction:

The National Air Carrier Association and its member carriers strongly support the Biden Administration’s budget proposal to increase pay for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) frontline workers.

“TSA’s frontline workers are critical to ensuring the safety of our air transportation system,” said NACA President and CEO George Novak. “They absolutely should be paid at a level commensurate with other federal employees.”

The administration proposes $871 million for additional personnel compensation and benefits, ensuring TSA’s pay reflects the importance of its employees’ work. Retaining these professionals will be key to handling greatly expanding air traffic as we emerge from the pandemic.

Furthermore, NACA strongly supports the Administration’s proposal to eliminate the practice of diverting TSA security fee revenues collected as part of an airplane ticket for deficit reduction. The fee – widely known as the “September 11 fee” – was implemented to help pay for new federal security screening at airports. However, a portion of that amount has long been used for deficit reduction.

“The purpose of the TSA Security fee is to help maintain the security of our air transportation system in a world of constantly evolving threats,” Novak said. “Congress should support this vital mission by allowing TSA to retain the full amount of the fee and finding alternative means of reducing the deficit.”

NACA and its members strongly support these proposals, as they promote growth in air travel and the U.S. economy. NACA’s members are helping to drive recovery from the pandemic, particularly in the Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) sector where growth is projected to be especially robust.

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