NACA applauds “Airport Gate Competition Act”

In response to the introduction of the “Airport Gate Competition Act,” National Air Carrier Association President and CEO George Novak issued the following statement:


NACA and its member airlines commend Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) for introducing the Airport Gate Competition Act to increase airline competition by enhancing access to airport gates. These gates – in many cases under exclusive control of network airlines – are not being utilized for nearly half the day at 75 percent of the top 40 U.S. airports. NACA’s ultra-low-cost carriers (ULCCs) are ready and able to provide new or expanded service to many of these airports, but are effectively shut out of access to gates and other facilities like ticket counters and baggage claim areas.
This bipartisan, common-sense bill would require airports planning to use revenue from passenger facility charges to fund new terminals to ensure that no more than 50 percent of gates and other airport terminal facilities be exclusive to any one airline and that at least 25 percent of gates and facilities be available for common use by all airlines serving the airport.  By removing restrictions to gate access, the bill will help drive down average fares and expand service options for consumers by facilitating new or expanded ULCC service. We urge Senate and Houses transportation leaders to include this timely legislation in the pending FAA Reauthorization bill.
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