Priddy Medal

Ronald N. Priddy NACA-CRAF Partners in Airlift Medal

The Priddy Medal is given to a government official or private citizen. The medal acknowledges U.S. commercial airlines service to the United States government.

It recognizes the contributions of an individual to the close relations between U.S. non-scheduled airlines and the Department of Defense, and to fulfillment of commercial air transportation requirements in the interests of national defense, in peace and in war, through the Civil Reserve Air Fleet partnership.

The Priddy Medal commemorates the many years of service by Ronald N. Priddy to promote contracted services performed by U.S. non-scheduled airlines for the U.S. Department of Defense. Mr. Priddy served in the U.S. Air Force for 25 years; his last position was Director of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet during the Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991; he retired in the rank of colonel in 1993. Mr. Priddy then joined National Air Carrier Association and served as its president from 2000-2007; he continues to act as special advisor to NACA’s Board of Directors after retirement from the association.

Recipients of the Priddy Medal

  • 2012

    General Hansford T. Johnson (USAF-Ret.)

  • 2013

    Stan Burnstein, Omni Air International


  • 2014

    General Duane H. Cassidy (USAF-Ret),

  • 2015

    Jim Hlavacek, American Trans Air


  • 2016

    General John W. Handy (USAF-Ret.)

  • 2017

    D. Ross Fischer, Miami Air International


  • 2018

    Conrad Kalitta, Kalitta Air

  • 2019

    Merlin L. (“Merle”) Lyman, DOD Commercial Airlift Division


  • 2020

    General Paul J. Selva, (USAF-Ret.)

  • 2021

    Ron Lane, Atlas Air


  • 2022

    Vice Adm. Dee L. Mewbourne (USN-Ret.)