NACA Opposes Tariffs on Airbus Products

May 28, 2019: The National Air Carrier Association filed comments before the United States Trade Representative today opposing possible tariffs on European aerospace products which would include Airbus aircraft and parts.  If tariffs were imposed the European Union would respond by placing tariffs on Boeing aircraft and parts.  NACA’s member airlines operate both Airbus and Boeing aircraft.  Tariffs would artificially raise prices resulting in higher airfares for the traveling public as well as cargo shippers.

NACA USTR Tariff Comments May 2019

NACA Supports Change To Union Decertification Rules

The National Mediation Board (NMB or Board) is proposing to amend its regulations to provide a straightforward procedure for the decertification of representatives. The Board believes this change is necessary to fulfill a fundamental issue of fairness to employees who no longer feel their interests are being addressed by their representatives. NACA supports the amendment.

NACA NMB Decertification comments April 2019

NACA and Aviation Industry Urge End to Shutdown

On January 10, 2019 NACA and numerous other aviation/space/travel associations have urged the President and Congress to re-open to government in the wake of the shutdown. The letter details several areas where tremendous damage is being done to all aspects of commercial air travel, airlines, airports, and manufacturers.  The coalition strongly urges a compromise be found to allow normal operations to resume.

Aviation Shutdown Impacts Letter January 2019