NACA urges FAA to make unruly passenger policy permanent

The National Air Carrier Association, which represents the nation’s four ultra-low cost carriers, Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Sun Country Airlines, strongly believes that the FAA’s “Zero Tolerance” policy for unruly passengers who refuse to follow aircrew directions or become violent should be made permanent. Passenger behavior is a critical safety issue, and actions that threaten the safety of passengers and crew cannot be tolerated.

“We’re asking the FAA to take the next logical step on passenger safety,” said NACA President and CEO George Novak. “The laws regarding unruly passengers are already on the books and keeping our flight crewmembers and fellow passengers safe is a policy that should not have an expiration date. The zero-tolerance policy against actions that threaten the safety of passengers and crew really should be permanent.”

“As air traffic volume increases with the removal of pandemic travel restrictions, some delays and a few flight cancellations may be inevitable,” Novak continued. “It’s important that the traveling public be aware, be prepared, and be highly respectful of the flight crews and airport staff that are responsible for their safety. Making the zero-tolerance policy permanent will send a strong signal that those who willfully break the law will be punished. We believe this will greatly reduce the number of incidents over time.”

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