NACA Applauds Special Enforcement Emphasis Program Extension

In response to the March 15 announcement that FA Administrator Steve Dickson was ordering the extension of the FAA’s Special Enforcement Emphasis Program indefinitely, NACA President and CEO George Novak issued the following statement:

The National Air Carrier Association applauds the decision by FAA Administrator Steve Dickson to extend the FAA’s Special Emphasis Enforcement Program against unruly passengers indefinitely. Unruly passenger incidents — which remain at an alarmingly high level — truly put public health and the safety of our aircrews at risk. Zero tolerance enforcement is a necessary step to deter these incidents and we support the decision to keep the program in place at least as long as the implementing TSA Security Directive is in place.

NACA sent Administrator Dickson a letter last week, urging him to take this common-sense step. We look forward to working with the Administrator, the unions, other aviation stakeholders and the traveling public to put in place the appropriate educational and informational measures that will bring this problem under control and ensure public health and safety — particularly the safety of our aircrews, whose contributions are critically important during this trying time.

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