NACA Announces New Member: Santa Claus Airlines

The National Air Carrier Association (NACA) is pleased to announce that Santa Claus Airlines has joined NACA as its 22nd airline member. Santa Claus Airlines – call sign “HOHOHO” – is a single-aircraft, single pilot operation with more than 650 million individual customers on every continent. The airline provides service to more than 190 million points and delivers more than 635,000 tons of cargo … all in an annual single-day operation.

“The scope of their operations is almost unbelievable,” said NACA President and CEO George Novak. “Though NACA wouldn’t normally admit a member airline that isn’t based in the United States, Santa Claus Airlines represents the best NACA principles of demonstrated flight safety and exemplary customer service, with no registered complaints in more than 200 years of operations.”

Though the aircraft is of vintage manufacture, it has nine engines (make: Rangifer tarandus), nullifying the need for any ETOPS certification. NACA has offered to assist Santa Claus Airlines with the installation of advanced avionics, an updated Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) to ensure flight safety for its upcoming 2022 operations, as we understand that its current aircraft flight safety equipment consists of a single red anti-collision light on the nacelle of the lead engine – affectionately known as “Rudolph.”

When asked if NACA had any Christmas wishes from its new member, Novak said:

Not for ourselves, but for millions of airline passengers throughout the United States. If it’s not too much trouble, NACA would wish for a much-improved professional pilot pipeline in the United States – consistent with the rest of the world – to address the well-documented short-term and long-term shortages of qualified commercial pilots that have denied air service to millions of very well-behaved boys and girls throughout the country. We’re hoping that Santa will grant our wish, because we at NACA have been very good ourselves.

Interested parties may track this “almost unbelievable” cargo operation on December 24 at

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